Royal Chaos E3 Impression

Royal Chaos bills itself as the “World’s First Aulic Trading Card RPG,” and it’s available on mobile devices. Players take the role of a queen, and progress through a story about palace intrigue. I didn’t get to see much of the story but it mostly takes place in cutscenes, and the developer assured me several times that it’s very popular with female audiences in China and other countries. Like many other mobile games, it sort of plays itself in that players earn experience just through the passage of time. They can buy and wear different types of clothing that presumably help in combat, and can hire heroes — often modeled after Chinese historical figures — to assist as well.

Overall, the pattern of the game is to earn experience through the passage of time, and engage in combat and other game systems to earn money and items. These can then be used to power up your party to take on tougher challenges and unlock more of the game’s one hundred story chapters. The combat itself is automatic and resolves itself based on the characters and their statistics. Of course, players can spend money to speed up progression and buy cosmetic items. We’ve seen many iterations of these types of auto-playing pay-for-progress mobile games before, but Royal Chaos promises a stronger focus on story and a setting that is not as commonly explored in western games. It also features a large variety of great looking and highly detailed costumes that cover a wide range of designs from formal to casual — though generally favoring elaborate formal.

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