Etrian Odyssey X World Map, Travel Companions Detailed

Atlus has released some more details and screenshots for Etrian Odyssey X, the latest title in the dungeon-crawling series. The information primarily concerns the world map and the points of interest that can found on it, as well as NPC traveling companions and Guild Cards.

The world map is a new addition for the series, and features various labyrinths, item collection areas, event scenes, and special F.O.E. enemies. The main labyrinths are joined by an assortment of smaller optional labyrinths. Two examples of these optional labyrinths are the Untrodden Reservoir, which has colour-chaning monsters, and the Hidden Castle Ruins, where the F.O.E. Raidenjuu can appear. The item collection areas on the world map — which are in addition to those found in dungeons — do not make use of collection skills, but they are generally safe spots to collect from. However, F.O.E.s will move to these areas and loot them in the process, meaning players will need to wait a bit before returning.

Various NPCs can adventure with the player’s party as the story progresses, providing different bonuses. For example, Birgitta is a medic who will heal the party after battle, while Marco and Oliver will give bits of advice. Etrian Odyssey X also features the return of Guild Cards. These let players share their party with others via StreetPass or QR code, and characters exchanged in this way may appear in events within labyrinths. Etrian Odyssey X ups the number of Guild Cards that can be possessed to 255 (from 40), and lets players changes the background image and window colour of the cards.

Etrian Odyssey X is the sixth mainline game and will be the final title in the series for Nintendo 3DS, and looks to implement various systems and utilise many different classes from throughout the series’ history. The game will be released in Japan on August 2, 2018, with no news regarding a localisation at this stage.



Source: Gematsu


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