Nexon Reveals Some Final Fantasy XI Mobile Screenshots

Korean developer Nexon put out a job listing for the upcoming mobile version of Final Fantasy XI, showing a few screenshots of the game. The images below do not show any UI elements of the game, focusing instead on a few character models and environments.

Final Fantasy XI‘s mobile version was announced in 2015 along with the MMORPG’s final expansion, Rhapsodies of Vana’diel. The smartphone version will feature a number of changes to make the game easier to play, such as a speedier battle system and a system to make party forming easier. It is unclear at this stage whether the smartphone version will interact with or have the same content as the PC version of Final Fantasy XI, but it will be available in North America and Europe.



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3 Responses

  1. I’m really hoping we can see this sometime before 2020. I love FFXI, so I can withstand the wait.

  2. Mateja Mateja says:

    OMG looks amazing! 🙂

    three things:

    1.) to make a correction, SE actually has released statements on “whether the smartphone version will interact with or have the same content as the PC version of Final Fantasy XI”

    Quote SE:

    “There will definitely be restrictions on content and jobs at the start, such as only implementing up to Chains of Promathia.” (“at the start” would seem to indicate that they are considering plans to fully reproduce the original. in fact, irrc, they also said they wanted it to eventually exceed it entirely through Rhapsodies of Vana’Diel, the final expansion. but I don’t feel like digging up another quote lol)

    Quote SE:

    “it will not involve directly transferring your character data over, so it’s best to think that a new, separate account and character will be used to play […]

    Currently, I’m unable to say anything definitive, but as a game, it will be something completely new.” (I played ffxiv 1.0 and 2.0 beta. there was a lot of concern and radio silence regarding character transfers (nothing crossed over in the beta), yet at the 11th hour, in the end, we were able to transfer characters, levels, and much of the gear. hopefully they surprise us here. it would be appropriate to amend past transgressions with a positive contradiction, for a change. they even gave a permanently reduced monthly bill to “legacy members” and special in game items which was very nice. let’s spam their customer service / forums with requests for this and make it happen)

    2.) I really wish SE would just confirm this eventual release on any platform other than smartphones, preferably PC so I can play it in stereoscopic 3d w/ keyboard and controller as I currently play ffxi 1.0. they have NO problem announcing things 10 years in advance … why not this. I play ffxi and ffxiv hard and the number one complaint I hear when discussing ffxi 2.0 is “why on earth would they release this on smartphones I don’t want a touch interface.” … and I could not agree more.

    3.) given that SE has stated that they want this to be a (Quote SE:) ” further refined FFXI given the high-perfomance mobile devices available today” I am really hoping they don’t dumb down the battle system like ffxiv. it sounds like they want to turn it into ff mobius which would be annoying af. the funnest aspect of a good ff game imo is being able to blaze through hundreds of spells and abilities at light speed, this is the case in ffxi 1.0 and if they want it “further refined” I sincerely hope it’s not dumbed down gameplay. and I am expecting all expansions.

    can’t wait! thanks for diggin’ up these screenies rpgamer <3 🙂

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