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Darksiders II Review

Darksiders II is less about the apocalypse and more about killing stuff with a big scythe. Is that a bad thing? Well, kind of. RPGamer’s official review explains.

The Granstream Saga Review

Three hundred years ago thought I might get some sleep, stretched myself out on an antique bed and my spirit did a midnight creep. You know I’ll never sleep no more, to me it seems that it just ain’t wise. Did you ever wake up in the morning, with a Zomby Woof behind your eyes?

Costume Quest Review

Hi, I’m Sam and I suck. Like, really hard. No one’s ever sucked as badly as I suck right now. And I smell too. Don’t listen to anything I have to say. Instead, you should listen to Adriaan, because he’s amazing and totally right about everything, and I’m totally wrong.
Read all of Adriaan’s amazing thoughts here.

Darksiders Review

You know what they say, you can’t make an apocalypse without breaking a few seals. Darksiders makes one hell of an apocalypse. This Zelda-clone is a lot better than its derivative nature would suggest.

Drakensang: The Dark Eye Review

Does this old-school style PC RPG prove old design and complexity still have a place in the modern world, or are some things better left buried in the past?