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Banner Saga 3 Out Now

The concluding part of Stoic’s Viking trilogy that began back in 2014 is now available. Various purchasing options are available, including a few physical options.

The Banner Saga 2 Advances onto Switch

It’s not been long since the first game released on Switch, but the second part of The Banner Saga has a release date for the console. Players will have a bit of time to work through the two games before the conclusion hits in July.

The Banner Saga Marching on to Switch

Stoic has already confirmed that the whole Banner Saga would be making its way to the Switch but the first is ready to arrive. If the second act comes in a timely manner Switch owners will be able to see the whole trilogy in no time.

The Banner Saga 3 Rallies a Launch Date

Stoic’s Viking trilogy has found the day when it plans to march to the end and that day is in the middle of summer. A whole host of pre-order options have also made themselves available.

The Banner Saga, West of Loathing Coming to Switch

Though shorter than the recent Direct, the latest Nindies Showcase still featured some RPG news. A comedic western RPG and trilogy of more serious Viking RPGs are heading to Switch.

Bolverk Leads New Banner Saga 3 Trailer

A new character trailer for The Banner Saga 3 features a returning character from the previous game. As such, there are some spoilers for The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2 for those who wish to avoid them.

The Banner Saga 3 Details Fasolt

The final part of The Banner Saga trilogy now has a summer 2018 release target. In addition, a new trailer highlights the character of Fasolt, a Varl loyalist.