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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Review

Commander Shepard’s tale gets another opportunity to be told. Though Mass Effect 2’s clunky combat and the presence of old glitches hold it back a bit, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a great remaster of the original trilogy.

RPG Backtrack 237 – Did You Probe Uranus?

BioWare’s three-part space epic, Mass Effect, left an impression on the hearts of many people. Join us, along with guests Josh, Robert, Jervon, and Pascal as we ask the important questions, such as ‘who did you hook up with?’

Mass Effect Legendary Edition to Release in May

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to launch worldwide this May. Commander Shepard and his crew are back, this time with shiny new graphics, all wrapped together in a single package.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced

N7 Day often marks celebration for all things Mass Effect. EA and BioWare used this year’s occurrence to announce a remaster of the original trilogy, which is set to launch in spring 2021.