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Bushiroad Games Releases New Trailers

Publisher Bushiroad Games released new videos for three upcoming RPGs in Japan. The trailers feature Rear Sekai, Goblin Slayer Another Adventurer: Nightmare Feast, and Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – Quest of Memories.

Rear Sekai Releasing in Japan in October

Bushiroad Games announced that Hakama’s action RPG Rear Sekai is launching in Japan this October. The game sees players needing to uncover the secrets behind two different worlds.

Worth Life Releasing in July

Marvelous subsidiary Hakama announced that its side-scrolling RPG Worth Life is getting a western release. The combination of life-sim and action RPG will launch on Switch in a few weeks.

Rune Factory 5 Review

Marvelous has revived the Rune Factory series after nine long years. Despite some intermittent graphical issues, Rune Factory 5 will live up to the publisher’s name for many.