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Dragonborne Shipping on Nintendo Game Boy in January

RPGamers have the opportunity to purchase a brand new Game Boy RPG. Spacebot Interactive is offering physical cartridges of Dragonborne, with pre-orders open from now until the end of November.

Lufia: The Legend Returns Review

The third Lufia game was at one point going to hit Sony hardware, but instead wound up on the Game Boy Color. Seventeen years after its initial release, the time has come to see what it looks like from a current perspective.

Crystalis Retroview

Many post-apocalyptic societies have been envisioned over the years, but this one has swords and sorcery. Which is still like plenty of other post-apocalyptic worlds, but it’s a neat place anyway.
Why so late with the thunder sword????

Dragon Warrior GBC Review

What happens when we retroview a remake of a classic NES game? Well, we spend a lot of time roaming around the world and pressing attack.