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Fairune: Fragment Isles Announced

Flyhigh Works unveiled a new title in the Fairune adventure RPG series. Fairune: Fragment Isles is planned to launch next year and is available to wishlist on Steam.

Mercenaries Saga, Wings Launching on PC Next Month

Flyhigh Works revealed the date for the Mercenaries Saga trilogy and Mercenaries Wings’s PC release. The first four titles in the tactical RPG series will hit Steam in a month.

Banchou Tactics Releasing in August

Flyhigh Works revealed a release date for Secret Character’s Banchou Tactics. The tactical RPG focusing on high school delinquents will release on Steam this August.

Banchou Tactics Announced

Flyhigh Works and Secret Character’s Banchou Tactics is set to release on PC next year. The tactical RPG puts players in a conflict between high school delinquents.

Slow Life RPG Picontier Released

Flyhigh Works and SKIPMORE have fully released Picontier after a year and a half in Early Access. The game sees players starting a new life after waking up on a magical island.

Slime Tactics Releasing Worldwide Today

Slime Tactics is not just out in Japan today, it is also out in North America and Europe. Though naturally weak, RPGamers can lead the slimes to victory by using them to possess much more powerful warriors.

Flyhigh Works Announces Slime Tactics

Flyhigh Works has announced a follow-up to tactical RPG Ambition of the Slimes. Slime Tactics will see the titular creatures team up to take on even larger foes.

Cat Quest II Set for Early 2019 Release

Shortly after announcing a physical Switch edition of its predecessor, The Gentlebros has provided a new teaser for Cat Quest II. The game is coming to many platforms early next year.

Fairune Collection Releases May 17

An exact date has been set for the Fairune Collection on PC and Switch. Flyhigh Works also revealed some information about the two new titles appearing in the four-game collection.