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The Outbound Ghost Haunting PC in September

Digerati and Conradical Games’s The Outbound Ghost is launching for PC in a few weeks. The game will also be making its way to consoles later in the year.

The Outbound Ghost Coming Later This Year

Publisher Digerati will be releasing Conradical Games’ The Outbound Ghost on PC and consoles. The adventure RPG sees players helping the residents of the literal ghost town move on to the afterlife.

The Magister Releasing in September

Digerati and Nerdook Productions’ The Magister is set to launch in early September. The game is a deck-building murder-mystery RPG where players have fourteen days to investigate a disappearance in the village of Silverhurst.

Glitched Impression

When darkness emerges, two forces rise to meet it. In En House Studios’ upcoming fourth-wall-breaker, those two forces are the player and the protagonist, going on an epic quest together.

Underhero for Switch Delayed

Switch owners will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on Underhero. PS4 and Xbox One will receive the game with a day-one patch, but Nintendo fans will need to wait a few weeks for it to be ready.

Sunless Skies Heading to Console

Sunless Skies will be coming to consoles with the new Sovereign Edition. The new version will launch next year, with predecessor Sunless Sea also coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Tower of Time Coming to Consoles in 2020

CRPG Tower of Time is getting console versions. The game, originally released for PC and Linux last year, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Omensight Heading to Xbox One

Spearhead Games’ Omensight is coming to Xbox One next week. The game will be released on the console courtesy of publisher Digerati and port creator Nephilim Game Studios.

Unexplored Coming to PS4, Xbox One in February

Twin-stick roguelike Unexplored is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this month. The game, already available on PC and Switch, will come to both consoles packaging with all of its DLC.

Fall of Light Console Dates Confirmed

Digerati has confirmed the various console release dates for RuneHeads’ Fall of Light. The game is hitting the current generation this month, with a PS4 physical release coming in the next.

Fall of Light Heads to Consoles

RuneHeads’ Fall of Light, released last year on Steam, is coming to console. Nyx and Aether’s journey will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch later this summer.