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Dark Souls Now Available on Switch

After being delayed, the Switch version of Dark Souls has joined the other remastered versions from earlier this year. RPGamers can now praise the sun wherever they go.

Dark Souls Remastered Discovers Some Gameplay

Some official looks at gameplay for the Dark Souls remaster are available. There is also info for those on PC looking to transition to the newer release or pick up the previous Prepare to Die Edition.

Dark Souls Remastered Switches Its Switch Date

Switch owners preparing to die are in for a bit of a longer wait as Bandai Namco delays the remastered Dark Souls. For everyone else, the release date remains the same.

Nintendo Direct Round-up

Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation featured titles on both 3DS and Switch. In amongst them were RPGs such as Bowser’s Inside Story, Octopath Traveler, Okami, South Park, and more.

Multiple Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has a new Direct Mini video revealing a number of titles that will be heading to the Switch. The World Ends with You, Ys VIII, Hyrule Warriors, and Dark Souls will all be arriving this year.

Dark Souls III Review

In a very short amount of time, the Souls series went from unknown underdog to cult hit to mainstream success. Does the newest game live up to its legacy and provide closure — or does it end horribly for the hero? Nevermind, that last part’s just the nature of the beast.

Dark Souls II Review

Dark Souls II marks the third entry in From Software’s series of action RPGs. Investigate within to discover if this game truly has soul, or if it has forgotten the face of its father.

Dark Souls Review

Dark Souls is a game advertised for its crushing difficulty. Does this action RPG have soul, or is it fit only to be left in the dark?