The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV

The fourth and concluding part of the Trails of Cold Steel portion of the Legend of Heroes saga. Do not read about this game unless you are ok with massive spoilers for the three preceding games.

Nihon Falcom
Nihon Falcom
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Game Content

Trails of Cold Steel IV Shows Side Quests, Mini-Games

Nihon Falcom has revealed some details and screenshots on some of the side content in Trails of Cold Steel IV. In addition to the usual side quests, there is a casino, Tetris-style and ghost-shooting mini-games, and a new deck-based card game.

Another Trio Returns for Trails of Cold Steel IV

Three more characters from previous Trails games are confirmed for Trails of Cold Steel IV. Once again, we will not be spoiling who they are in the text, but those wishing to find out their identifies can check out the new screenshots featuring them.