RPG Cast – Episode 562: “Don’t Disgaea Shame Me”

It’s Extra Life 2020. Chris is dying in Hades. Anna Marie thinks orange is pretty sus. Kelley can’t let go of Laharl. Josh is back on the Trails. And Alex is outta here to pursue his new racing career.

Question of the Week
Forgot to do one!

Extra Life 2020!
We’ll be playing games 24 hours to raise money to help heal kids. Donate or join Team RPGamer to help out!

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  1. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    If you’d like a Lv 119 Ranger pawn named Rufus who’s Arisen is Alicia (if you get the Valkyrie Profile 2 reference, I like you and present you with digital cookie) to join you in Dragon’s Dogma, I’ve got one I’m fairly proud of 😀
    Just shoot me a Switch friend request and he’s all yours.

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