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Rainbow Skies Review

Contrary to common belief, in Rainbow Skies characters fight much better immediately after devouring huge helpings of food. This is just one of many interesting things that will be experienced in the world of Lunah.

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Eastasiasoft Hosts New Showcase

Eastasiasoft held a new upcoming game showcase presentation. The publisher revealed dates for Sea Horizon, Chaos Galaxy, and Sword and Fairy Inn 2’s upcoming launches on new platforms.

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RPG Cast – Episode 582: “Are Those Cat Butthole Coasters?”

Chris gets review bombed outta existence, after Pascal gleefully mocks the list of games that Chris still didn’t play. Anna Marie insists genital monsters yes, f-bombs no. Kelley thinks Anna Marie should get out of the pocket of Big Farming. We’re all pretty tired from vaccine side effects, please bear with us.

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RPG Cast – Episode 580: “Marshmallow Is Canon”

It’s just the core trio this week, as Chris tosses a coin to his hunting horn partner Kelley, and Anna Marie rolls her eyes as Chris cracks terrible jokes about what the Vita really means. We all consider MiHoYo’s bottom line, as well as whether we’re classified as normies.

Rainbow Skies Gets Narrated Gameplay, Release

Five years and an entire PlayStation later, Rainbow Skies has made its way to all the surviving PlayStation platforms. Since that’s a long time, SideQuest Studios has put together a lengthy demonstration of what the game has to offer.

Rainbow Skies Arrives in June

Five years after its initial announcement, tactical RPG Rainbow Skies is nearly ready for release. The game hits a trio of PlayStation platforms next month.

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