Starfield’s Shattered Space Expansion Trailer Released

Microsoft and Bethesda Game Studios released the official trailer for sci-fi RPG Starfields upcoming Shattered Space expansion. The expansion sees a mysterious power stirring on the hidden homeworld of House Va’Ruun. As players investigate a new threat, they will explore a new planet as well as finding new weapons and gear. The expansion is planned to release later in 2024 and is available as part of the game’s Premium Edition.

In addition, Bethesda released its planned June update for the game. The update includes the addition of Creations, user-created mods, which can be activated directly through the game’s menu, though many Creations need to be purchased using Creation Credits. The Creation Kit, which allows users to create new content, is available to download for free. Other new content in the update includes new Trackers Alliance missions and a new bounty scanner system.

Starfield released in September 2023 and is available on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It is set in the Settled Systems, a pocket of colonised star systems in the Milky Way, extending around 50 light years from Earth. The game sees players controlling their own created character as they join Constellation, a group seeking rare artifacts around the galaxy to unlock some of its final mysteries. Players explore numerous planets and cities while upgrading and customising their own spaceship. Those looking to read more about Starfield can check out Zack Webster’s review of its PC release.




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