Monster Hunter Wilds Gets New Gameplay Look

Capcom released its first official trailer and additional details for its newest Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Wilds. The game sees players joining a special Research Commission investigating an area called the Forbidden Lands. It will be fully-voiced with players joined by characters including their handler Alma, a Palico partner, and a mysterious child.

Monster Hunter Wilds will take players across multi-dimensional biomes that can transform during hunts. One of these is the Windard Plains, which includes deserts, rock formations, and grasslands. These biomes will have relevant ecosystems, including monsters such the Dalthydon, a migrating herbivorous wyvern, and the Ceratonoth, whose males can use their dorsal horns as lightning rods to protect the herd. There are also larger monsters such as the fanged territorial Doshaguma that sometimes form aggressive packs and the amphibious Characabra that uses its surroundings and sticky saliva to armour its own body.



The game is planned to feature seamless transitions from story sequences into gameplay. It will also add new Seikret mounts, which can guide the riders to planned destinations and let them perform actions such as sharpening weapons and gathering materials while riding, as well as swapping to a secondary weapon without needing to return to base. The game will include all fourteen weapon types from the previous game, alongside new systems such as a focus mode and a new Hook Slinger tool.

Monster Hunter Wilds is planned for release in 2025 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Those who link their Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne save data to the game when it launches will be able to receive bonus items including weapon and armour sets.





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