Last Hour of an Epic To the Moon RPG Announced

Developer Freebird Games announced a spin-off to its To the Moon adventure series. Last Hour of an Epic To The Moon RPG sees the series characters Neil, Eva, Roxie, and Rob venturing through a lighthouse-shaped dungeon to defeat the mastermind at the top. The original series sees doctors fulfill dying patients wishes using artificial memories.

The game is designed so that players feel like they are loading a save file that’s has already gone through the copious grinding and join for the final hour as the adventure reaches its conclusion. Players will have to take on puzzles and defeat mid-bosses through the dungeon, as they learn the answer to mysteries about who the mastermind is and why the characters are in the game in the first place.

Last Hour of an Epic To the Moon RPG is planned to release in 2024. It is available to wishlist on Steam.




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