Baldur’s Gate III Patch 5 Now Available

Larian Studios released a new major update for Baldur’s Gate III. In addition to a number of fixes, Patch 5 introduces new epilogues, game modes, and more. The new epilogues takes place before the credits and are accessible to all players who load a game prior to the final fight. The epilogue takes place in camp six months after the events of the game and sees players meeting and saying goodbye to various allies.

In addition, the update includes new Honour Mode and Custom Mode. Honour Mode features harder difficulty both in and out of combat, and also tweaks to all of the game’s boss fights, including a new Legendary Action system that gives new actions to turn the tide of battle. Honour Mode also takes away the ability to load a previous game, as well as certain other exploits. If players die during Honour Mode, they are given stats for their journey, and can choose to continue regardless, but this will disable Honour Mode.



Meanwhile, Custom Mode lets players tailor different parts of the game as they wish, potentially making it closer to the tabletop game. Available options include hiding success requirements for dice checks, hiding enemy HP in battle, short rests fully healing the party, disabling death-saving throws, and hiding failed perception checks. The full notes for Patch 5 are available here.

Baldur’s Gate III features turn-based combat based on the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. It takes place over 120 years after the events of Baldur’s Gate II and its story begins with the customisable player character and some others captured and forced to host a Mindflayer tadpole before the airship they are on crashes. The game released for PC and Mac in August 2023, with its PlayStation 5 version following a month later. The digital release date of its Xbox Series X|S version will be revealed on December 7, 2023. Physical editions on all platforms are planned to release in Q1 2024.


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