Ys X: Nordics Details Crew Unlocks, Fishing

Nihon Falcom released more images and details for action RPG Ys X: Nordics. The latest information covers Rune Stones, ship upgrades, fishing, and some more characters who protagonists Adol and Karja can recruit to join them on their ship.

Rune Stones are large stone monuments that contain records of the history and past events of the Norman people that inhabit the Obelia Bay archipelago. Mana users, such as Adol and Karja, are able to put their hands on the stones and learn these stories as well as obtain Mana Seeds that unlock new abilities. Ys X: Nordics will also include many spots where Adol and Karja can relax by fishing. In addition to shoreline spots with a variety of fish, they can also find areas in the open sea where they can fish for tuna. The fishing mini-game includes opportunities to press displayed buttons to boost the support gauge, which helps catch fish. Successful catches are logged and allow players to obtain rewards.



There are a number of characters who can join the crew on Adol and Karja’s ship, the Sandras. In addition to raising its stats, these characters will unlock certain features. The first of these characters is Momina Evelies, a street vendor in the town of Karnack. She is worried about her son Leif, who has left home and does not wish to return. When she joins the Sandras, she unlocks the option to buy healing items and bento recipes. Meanwhile, Romes Carpent is the president of his own company that has quickly risen up the ranks. He is grooming his son Cruz to be his successor. Romes provides the Sandras with weapon and equipment purchasing options.

Joel Asrad runs his own clinic in Karnack, and is a keen fisher, which often gets him scolded by his daughter. He unlocks the tuna fishing option when he is recruited, and provides rewards for fishing accomplishments. Ashley is a boy who lives on his own in Karnack. However, he has a strong interest in marine life and asks players to help him investigate the life of Obelia Bay. He gives players quests to go and find different species around the archipelago, which provide more details on the map when completed and lead to further quests. The final new character revealed is Ulval, a veteran shipbuilder in the Balta Navy. Despite being sarcastic and imposing, he maintains the Sandras for Adol and Karja.



Ys X: Nordics takes place between the events of Ys I & II and Ys: Memories of Celceta. The game features two combat modes: Solo Mode and Combination Mode. Solo Mode plays similarly to previous titles, with players controlling one character while the AI controls the other. Combination Mode, meanwhile, has players fight with both Adol and Karja at the same time. Ys X: Nordics is planned to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on September 28, 2023, with no announcement made regarding a western release. Those looking to read more about previous Ys titles can check out RPGamer’s earlier Where to Start? guide on the series.


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