LISA: Definitive Edition Announced

Publisher Serenity Forge and developer Dingaling Productions have announced LISA: Definitive Edition. The release is a bundle containing LISA: The Painful and its DLC LISA: The Joyful, and will launch for PlayStation and Xbox consoles plus Nintendo Switch on July 18, 2023. The bundle will be available for $24.99, while LISA: The Painful will be available separately for $19.99 and LISA: The Joyful for $9.99. The release of the Definitive Edition will also see a free update released for the existing PC versions.

LISA: The Painful takes place after an event called the “White Flash”, which wiped out all women in the world of Olathe. It follows Brad as he travels the morally decayed world. The game features a variety of recruitable party members, but they can permanently die. In order to save fallen party members, Brad must make sacrifices — including chopping off limbs — that affect both his stats and appearance, with other ruthless decisions also available that impact towns and other characters.

The Definitive Edition includes upgraded pixel graphics, 120 FPS mode, new campfire conversations, new enemies, new bosses, and new quests. It also features new stories with multiple endings, updated battle systems, a UI overhaul, new music plus a music player, a Painless (easy) difficulty mode, controller features, and twelve new localised language options.



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