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  1. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    Question of the Week: This might be going off the board a bit, but the official Classic Controller Pro for the Wii that came out alongside Monster Hunter. Is it basically a PS2 controller with a proper d-pad? Absolutely, but that’s what makes it great. If only it had rumble and an Amiibo reader it would be perfect to use today on Switch.

    Also speaking personally I’m pressing F for E3 on the world’s smallest keyboard.

  2. TheAnimeMan TheAnimeMan says:

    My favorite controller will always be just the base line PS2 or PS3 controllers. Overall I just thing Sony has a good fit for controllers with how my hands are and I’ve never had issues with getting cramps like I have had with other, thicker, controllers.

    The weirdest controllers I own though either have the the Nyko Itype PS2 controller or the Nyko Air-Flo. I picked it up when I bought FFXI for the PS2 (with the hard-drive) cause I thought it’d be handy to use to type in the chat The other one I picked up cause my mom had a tendency to keep the AC at 80 degrees so it’d often get hot and I thought it’d help keep my hands cooler. Honestly that one wasn’t a bad controller.

  3. Knowname Knowname says:

    my favorite controller is this Gravis PC controller that I was holding on to as of just a few years ago till I surrendered to not using it again since the gameport will never make a comeback :/ it was basically a 6 button DC controller with a rubber analog stick with a concave knob (NO idea why Sega made theirs with a bump on the knob that stuck into your thumb when playing too hard leaving you bruised after long sessions :/).

    And speaking of DC controllers, it was the first controler with Hall Effect joysticks! Just another reason why that controller was decades ahead of it’s time…. and that Sony sucks by cheaping out on generations and generations of controllers just for the sake of greed.

    My favorite console controller is the original Xbox ‘S controller’… possibly because after many generations of bad controllers (snes controller and genesis 6-button were great) it was just SO great to finally have a comfortable one that fit my hands :).

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