Shadows Over Loathing Gets Surprise Release

Asymmetric Publications has done a surprise release for Shadows Over Loathing. The stick-figure RPG, a follow-up to West of Loathing from the same team also behind long-running browser game Kingdom of Loathing, is available on for PC via Steam, priced at $22.99 with a 15% launch discount.

Shadows over Loathing is a comedic turn-based RPG set in in a bizarre, eldritch version of 1920s America. Players travel to Ocean City, where they are tasked with finding and retrieving a variety of cursed items as they search for their Uncle Murray. The game features turn-based combat as well as numerous puzzles and side challenges. Those looking to read more about Shadows over Loathing can check out RPGamer’s impression from early access to the game.




Alex Fuller

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