Harvestella Receives Final Pre-Launch Details

Square Enix released some final details and media for action RPG and farming sim hybrid Harvestella ahead of the game’s worldwide launch this Friday. The information covers the game’s Quietus Dungeon, as well as revealing a new Job and collectible gameplay elements.

Harvestella is set in a fantasy world where four crystals called the Seaslight create harmony between the four seasons. However, abnormalities appear leading to the Quietus, a season of death that occurs between the seasons. The Quietus Dungeon is only accessible during Quietus and can be entered via a well. It has a strange interior with powerful enemies awaiting on each floor as players delve deeper through it.



Jobs are combat classes that can be unlocked by players after they recruit the characters that use them. The newest Job introduced is Lunamancer. It specialises in wide magic attacks and weakening enemies, using gravity-based attacks. Elsewhere, the game’s cooking system can be used to satisfy request of the game’s various town residents. Completing these requests grants players rewards such as money or new recipes. Finally, throughout the game players may come across Conellu Dolls. If players take these to a hideout in a certain town, its owner Chief Conellu will exchange them for notable items.

Harvestella sees players controlling a male, female, or non-binary protagonist who was saved by a doctor in the village of Lethe after collapsing during the Quietus. They set out on adventures while investigating the issues with the Seaslight, as well as participating in daily life activates such as farming. The game is set to release for PC and Nintendo Switch on November 4, 2022.



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