RPG Cast – Episode 645: “Rob Zombie’s Drag-Gula Lost”

Kelley hoards all the PS5s. Chris needs a build for the “I’m Bad” playstyle. And Josh gets treatment for his cat’s demon tapeworm.

Question of the Week
What’s your favorite card-based RPG?

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4 Responses

  1. Actually, my favorite card-based RPG is Phantasy Star Online Episode III…

    Okay, I’m not fooling anyone. 😛 Both Baten Kaitos games are fantastic. I love the card-based battle system and how Magnus cards are used to get through dungeons and complete side quests.

  2. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    While I love the original GBC Pokemon Trading card game, and freaked out 2 years back when I discovered the fan translation of the second, I’ll have to give my favorite card-based RPG gold medal to SteamWorld Quest. I gave it a 4.5, playing the game for review on some random site and stick by it to this day. Image & Form should do more of these instead of another Dig or Heist.

    Honorable Mention: Slay the Spire!

  3. berserk berserk says:

    Although I’ve played a lot of TCGs; Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Pokémon and Final Fantasy TCG and RPGs are my favourite genre, I don’t think I’ve played many card based RPGs.
    Hearthstone seemed cool but I made sure I deleted it before I got too into it. Mobile and FTP games like that scare me, in case I get addicted.
    Maybe some of the Yugioh games on GBA and DS, I don’t really remember if they were RPGs though
    I have Slay the Spire on my backlog and I’ve heard a lot of good things. That doesn’t really count though I don’t think.
    So maybe there could be more card based RPGs! (Or I need to track some more down to play the ones that are out there)

  4. TheAnimeMan TheAnimeMan says:

    It’s pretty under appreciated and not many people talk about but I really enjoyed Lost Kingdom. Where you actually used cards to summon the actual monsters to fight. Had two games in the series too.

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