Harvestella Dives Into Summer

Square Enix released new details and images for upcoming life sim and action RPG hybrid Harvestella. In a new blog post, it introduced the seaside town of Shatolla as well as new characters, gameplay elements, and more.

Shatolla is near to the summer Seaslight, one of four crystals that create harmony between the four seasons. It is largely a fishing village, with a central tavern where many fishers gather upon their return from the sea.  However, changes to the Seaslight have seen villagers noticing large bubbles in the sea that they call the Summer Bulla. Meanwhile, a rumour has started spreading about the sea witch Lorelei, who is said to drag boats to the bottom of the sea using her voice.



Players will meet two major characters in Shatolla. The first is Heine, an inventor who has his own atelier in the village. He is seen as a bit of an eccentric and spends most of his time working on new creations, but is also quick to start flirting with women. The other character is Emo, the diva at the village tavern. She has an otherwordly air and asks the protagonist to bring her to the Seaslight on their investigations, which take them to the dangerous Coral Shrine.

Both Heine and Emo bring their own job classes into the game, which players can use after they recruit them. The Mechanic primarily uses physical attacks and can weaken enemies. Meanwhile, the Woglinde is a support-based job, letting players use song to wield magic. Both jobs are able to use special charge attacks. All jobs in the game have unique active and passive skills that can be unlocked from their individual Skill Boards. These require Job Points to unlock, which are obtained by defeating enemies.




Like other seasons, summer has its own produce, such as Shatollan Paprika, Bellhop, Seatide Garlic, and Macocoa, which are main ingredients for cuisine like the Fisherman’s Sandwich, Hop Juice, Shrimp and Mushroom Tapas, and Melting Chocolate Fondant, respectively. Players can also grow crops in multiple areas. Certain crops grow better in different biomes; sweet crops like the Islet Watermelon grow better in water-filled fields, while spices and seasonings grow well in dry caves.

Finally, players can use the Renovator to build and upgrade their own facilities and home. By spending the required money, they can expand their fields or build animal pens where they can raise livestock. Players can also build a kitchen where they can cook meals, which are vital for restoring stamina and health while exploring.



Harvestella is set in a fantasy world where four crystals called the Seaslight create harmony between the four seasons. However, abnormalities appear leading to the Quietus, a season of death that occurs between the seasons. The Quietus sees crops wither, while people are unable to step outside, and appears to be getting longer each year. Players control a male or female protagonist who was saved by a doctor in the village of Lethe after collapsing during the Quietus. The game is being developed for PC and Nintendo Switch, and is set to be released on November 4, 2022. A demo is currently available on Nintendo Switch.



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