Harvestella Receives More Details, Gameplay Showcase

Square Enix released more details and images for its upcoming life sim and action RPG hybrid, Harvestella. In addition, Nintendo held a special Treehouse: Live demonstration, during which it showcased around half an hour of gameplay from the title.

The new details, posted on Square Enix’s official blog, cover Harvestella’s story premise and cycle, as well as the fall-related locations around Lethe Village and some more combat and other gameplay elements. The game is set in a fantasy world where four crystals called the Seaslight create harmony between the four seasons. However, abnormalities appear leading to the Quietus, a season of death that occurs between the seasons. The Quietus sees crops wither, while people are unable to step outside, and appears to be getting longer each year.



Players control a male or female protagonist who awakens on a hill near Lethe Village and are saved by a doctor named Cres. Soon after, a strange object falls from the sky and hits the ground near the village, where players and Cres find a wounded Omen next to it. Omens are mysterious armour-clad figures that are investigating the Seaslights for unknown motives, with the actions leading the populace to believe that they part of the cause of the Quietus. Players are given the opportunity to live in a vacant house on Bird’s Eye Brae near Lethe Village while watching over the wounded Omen.

Harvestella’s in-game days begin with players waking up at home in the morning before allowing them to choose what they wish to do. Players can participate in activities such as farming, or choose to go adventuring, but their available options will decrease as they get tired.



Lethe Village is in the part of the world influenced by the Fall Seaslight, but is sufficiently close to all of the other Seaslights that it experiences all four seasons. The village has many stores where players can pick things they need, including a general store, a blacksmith, and a renovator. Between Lethe Village and the Fall Seaslight lies the Higan Canyon, where players will travel in order to search for a missing girl. The canyon is known for its red-hued foilage, and is where players will encounter another Omen called Dianthus, who will join them on their way to the Fall Seaslight.

While adventuring, players will need to participate in action combat, with the game featuring a job system. The new update introduces the Assault Savant job, which uses a mixture of science and martial arts to let players change the attributes and effects of their regular attacks. The update also details Break Gauges, which are associated with enemies’ elemental weaknesses. By attacking these weaknesses, players build up the gauges and can cause the enemy to go into a Break State where players deal more damage. If players manage to to get two adjacent Break Gauges to go into a Break State, then they can do a special attack.



Fall has its own produce and meals that can be made from it. Example of fall produce are Lantern Pumpkins, Rainbow Bean, Royal Eggplants, and Princess Chestnuts, which are ingredients for Lantern Pumpkin Gratin, Lethe Egg King Cake, Tomato and Eggplant Cheese Bake, and Mont Blanc. In addition, players have various pets and livestock. Their Totokaku will allow players to ride it, and will also occasionally dig up items. Players can level up their Tokokatu by feeding it, which will allow it to do more things while travelling. Meanwhile, building animal pens and raising livestock such as cluffowl and woolums will let players obtain ingredients such as eggs and milk. Finally, players will receive letters from other characters. These can include gifts and thank you letters, as well as opportunities for more adventures.

Harvestella is being developed for PC and Nintendo Switch. It is set to be released on December 4, 2022.




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