Harvestella Details Winter Seaslight, Other Gameplay Elements

Square Enix provided new details and images for its upcoming farming sim and action RPG hybrid Harvestella. The new update introduces the region around the Winter Seaslight crystal, as well as some additional daily life elements.

The Winter Seaslight can be found near the Holy Capital Argene. A religious snow-covered city, it is the home of the Seaslight Order, whose priests often worship at the Divine Cave where the Seaslight is located. Players visit the city as part of their investigations into the Seaslight, finding a priest who has been receiving oracles prophecising a coming disaster. As part of their investigations they will join forces with a mercenary named Brakka, who uses a firearm.



The update introduces new additional Jobs, which can be unlocked by players after they recruit the characters that use them. These Jobs are the Avenger, which unleashes ranged physical attacks and can switch their normal attacks’ elemental attribute to fire or ice, and the Pilgrim, which uses a magic sword to deal both physical and magical attacks.

As part of the daily life portions of the game, players will encounter faeries. These faeries, which are connected to the Seaslight, will give players Faerie Orders, requests that grant rewards when completed. Rewards include assistance with farming tasks, such as letting players plough large areas or harvest fields in one go, as well as unlocking new biomes to farm in. As with other seasons there are special winter crops including Chilly Plant, Lumpotato, Argene Cabbage, and Snowcap Mikan, which are key ingredients for meals Ice Cream, Nikujaga, Argene Cabbage Stew, and Marmalade.



Players will have the opportunity to eat meals with their party members, which can lead to special events. Eating food during these Break Time sections will also provide better effects than normal. Meanwhile, in dungeons, players may encounter stronger enemies called FEAR. These are notably different to normal enemies and will provide a challenge, but rewards players with powerful accessories if defeated.

Finally, Square Enix announced some adjustments that have been made to the game from feedback for its Nintendo Switch demo. Changes, which will only be available in the full release, include reduced time lapse speed in the world map and field, reduced hit time for fishing, reduced cooldown on Job changes, and more.



Harvestella is set in a fantasy world where four crystals called the Seaslight create harmony between the four seasons. However, abnormalities appear leading to the Quietus, a season of death that occurs between the seasons. The Quietus sees crops wither, while people are unable to step outside, and appears to be getting longer each year. Players control a male or female protagonist who was saved by a doctor in the village of Lethe after collapsing during the Quietus. The game is being developed for PC and Nintendo Switch, and is set to be released on November 4, 2022.



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