Two Empire of Sin Updates Arrive in November

The 1920s Chicago gangland strategy game by Paradox Interactive and Romero Games, Empire of Sin, will receive a free Precinct update and premium Make it Count expansion on November 18. Make it Count will retail for $14.99 and will be available on Steam, the Microsoft Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The free Precinct update majorly overhauls Empire of Sin, giving players new ways to manage their criminal empires. The titular Precincts are neighborhood subdivisions where players must secure Supply Lines and ensure a smooth flow of payments and supplies. Also included are Depots, new win conditions such as The Buy Out and Chi-Town Mogul, Improved Police, new interiors, and new Improvement Buildings.

As Empire of Sin’s first major expansion, Make it Count introduces the new playable boss Maxim Zelnick, the “Mob’s Fixer.” Maxim’s boss weapon is a submachine gun called the “Persuader,” and his “Bolster the Ranks” ability allows Maxim to call in two reinforcements during combat. Other additions include a Loan Shark, Fixer gangsters, new weapons, twenty new missions including twenty-five new events, plus Loan Shark building interiors and Improvement Buildings. Those interested in reading more about Empire of Sin can check out Ryan Costa’s review of the PC version.


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