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New Across the Obelisk Expansion Released

Paradox Interactive revealed it has acquired co-op deckbuilding roguelite Across the Obelisk. The acquisition comes alongside the release of a new expansion for the game.

The Lamplighters League Launching in October

Shadowrun Returns and BattleTech developer Harebrained Schemes’s latest project is releasing in October. Pulp adventure RPG The Lamplighters League features real-time infiltration and turn-based combat.

Knights of Pen and Paper 3 Available Now

A brand new entry in the Pen and Paper series is out now. Knights of Pen and Paper 3 sees players embark on another fantasy adventure, led by their game master.

The Lamplighters League Announced

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes revealed The Lamplighters League. The game is a 1930s pulp adventure with turn-based combat and real-time battlefield infiltration coming later this year.

Empire of Sin DLC, Update Out Now

Empire of Sin’s Make It Count DLC and Precinct update are available now. Both add multiple new elements to the crime-based strategy RPG.

Shadowrun Trilogy Heading to Switch

Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun Trilogy is heading to Nintendo Switch. Paradox Interactive will be releasing the collection on the console next year.

Empire of Sin Update Announced

A new update is coming to Empire of Sin. Currently in open beta on PC, the 1.03 patch includes changes to safehouses and combat.

Empire of Sin Review

This roaring twenties role playing game combines diplomacy, strategy, and fluid combat. But is it the bee’s knees or does this ambitious attempt come up short?

Empire of Sin Releases with New Media

With the launch of Empire of Sin, players can now control their favourite crime lord in prohibition-era Chicago. The launch comes with a new trailer and many screenshots.

Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Round-Up

Today’s Nintendo Direct Mini wasn’t really all that mini. The presentation included two brand-new Monster Hunter games, a new Disgaea title, a stealth-launch for Hades, a release date for Empire of Sin, and the first media for Rune Factory 5.