Across the Obelisk New DLC Packs Revealed

Publisher Paradox Interactive revealed two new DLC packs for the roguelite deck-building RPG Across the Obelisk. Individually priced at $4.99/£4.29/€4.99, these two packs titled Nenukil, the Engineer and The Obsidian Uprising will launch on May 15, 2024, for PC and Nintendo Switch, with a free content update releasing the same day.

Nenukil, the Engineer adds a new scout-class hero, while The Obsidian Uprising contains new story content where the player travels back 30 years to the dwarven city of Black Forge. This story features new maps, new events, new customisable pets, new hero skins, and new items. Meanwhile, the upcoming free content update will include localizations in French and German.

Across the Obelisk sees players creating a party and taking part in turn-based tactical combat. It features single player and co-op with up to three others, as the party takes its own path that branches across the world based on their decisions. The base game features sixteen playable characters, over 500 upgradeable cards, and over 200 items. Across the Obelisk is currently available on PC and Nintendo Switch.



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