RPG Cast – Episode 596: “I’m Not Into Tails Unless I’m Shooting Them Out of a Cannon”

Josh wishes on a monkey paw and gets a new Shining Force game. Chris’s body isn’t ready for Death’s Door. And no one expects the shadow drop of Boyfriend Dungeon.

Question of the Week
How do you feel about the “hey, it’s out today” style of releasing games?

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  1. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    QOTW: I’ve become more and more a fan of those. Tired have I become of the march to a release date while dodging the mine fields of leaks and speculation, the constant gunfire of endless complaints about a game gamers haven’t even played yet, the onslaughts of trailers to get you excited for a game you won’t get to play for months to years from now, and the crushing wave of disappointment when something you’ve coveted for so long ends up not living up to expectations.
    The “Hey! It’s out today,” method hurts less if it stinks and feels so much more fun and exciting when it turns out to be good, for me.

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