Square Enix Announces Gate of Nightmares

Square Enix has announced new mobile RPG Gate of Nightmares for Android and iOS in Japan. No release date has been provided, but Square Enix will hold a hands-on event in the coming days where fans can experience the game during its development. The announcement trailer can be viewed below.

Gate of Nightmares is a monster-summoning adventure RPG, set in both the real world and Remurias, a world of mixed-up dreams. The game follows Azel, a mysterious boy who is connected to monsters known as Nightmares; Emma, a Nightwalker who can command the Nightmares; and Meruru, a quiet and mysterious girl. The game features character designs and world creation by Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima, with game scenarios by Jin Fujisawa, and music by Yasuharu Takanashi.


Source: Gematsu

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    Why are all of these great rpg companies so focused on phone rpg games. I do not understand , I have pure hatred for phone rpg’s. Mose other people in my discord and friends discord also hate them so i cant understand why so many companies are very focused on phone only rpgs.

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