RPG Cast – Episode 581: “Love Me, I Himbo”

It’s another explicit week, as Sam calls Chris poopy. Anna Marie can’t understand Dutch (even though she likes to think she does), while Pascal imagines he’s eating a sausage. Josh is slowly falling under the spell of Mass Effect Stockholm Syndrome, and somehow Chris is equally obsessed with shoes, jeggings, and dead Google products. Save us.

Question of the Week
What Google product do you miss the most? https://killedbygoogle.com

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3 Responses

  1. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    I’m torn between Hangouts on Air and Inbox: the former made it so easy to go live for video shows even I could do them, but the latter made juggling five different accounts on my phone actually manageable.

  2. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    I wish I had the boundless optimism some of y’all have about Fantasian getting ported. Mistwalker isn’t exactly known for porting their games. Lost Odyssey, The Last Story, and Blue Dragon all live in dead console jail. And it’s a shame.

    QOTW: Tilt Brush. It was one of the applications that made me super excited to get VR, and by the time I finally got an Index they killed it. I know you can still buy/use it and there’s even better VR painting programs out there, but it’s still a bummer that one of the things you looked forward to stops being supported the moment you buy the thing to play it.

  3. Chris’s comment about Sam’s favorite review score being a 2.5 reminds me that my first three reviews for the site all had that same number xD

    QOTW: Eh, nothing really. Really living that anti-corp lifestyle.

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