Harvest Moon: One World Gets Trailer, Adds New Platform

Publisher Natsume released the first trailer for its upcoming farming simulator Harvest Moon: One World. The game is scheduled to release in North America on March 2, 2021, for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with Europe getting the game for Nintendo Switch on March 5, 2021. In its New Year’s message, the company also announced a future Xbox One port for the game in North America, with an unspecified date.

Harvest Moon: One World is set in a world where the Harvest Goddess has gone missing and crops are starting to suffer because of her absence. After discovering information about the long-lost produce from an old book, players scour the world with their created character to find clues while maintaining their farm. The game also has bachelors and bachelorettes the player can attempt to court, along with the option to pick up their farm and travel the world with it.

Two collector’s editions have been announced for Harvest Moon: One World. A Limited Edition is available to pre-order now from NIS America, while a Diorama Edition will be available to pre-order from Limited Run Games from 12pm Eastern Time on January 5, 2021.



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