Fae Tactics Trailer Pops Up In PC Gaming Show

During the 2020 PC Gaming Show, Humble Games and Endlessfluff Games provided a trailer for the upcoming tactical RPG Fae Tactics. The game is scheduled to release for Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2020. The minute-long gameplay trailer can be viewed below.

Fae Tactics follows Peony on her journey through a war-torn world where magical creatures known as fae and humans struggle to adapt to live together. In the past, the world of magic where the fae resided was locked behind Elemental Gates, but the seal was broken and the merging of the two worlds was imperfect and catastrophic.

Fae Tactics will have menuless turn-based battles where Peony can recruit and summon numerous fae to fight by her side. Characters can be leveled up, units will have elemental advantages and disadvantages depending on whom they are fighting, and team members will have abilities that players can customize to fit their needs.



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