Cassette Beasts Announced

Bytten Studio has revealed its new monster-battling RPG Cassette Beasts. The game takes players to New Wirral, a remote island filled with monsters of all shapes and sizes. The locals of the island have found a way to fight back: by recording the monsters on cassette tapes and playing them back, they can assume the monsters’ forms. The game will feature an open world, with certain monster abilities allowing access to new areas and secrets.

A fusion mechanic is also present in the game: any two of the 120 available monsters can be fused together to create an entirely new monster with combined stats and traits. Fusion takes into account the relationship between the player and the active companion, which can be made stronger by performing personal tasks with that companion.

Cassette Beasts will use an action point, or AP, system for dictating monsters’ abilities. Each monster begins the fight with zero AP and generates two AP per turn. This prevents more powerful attacks from being used with regularity and makes less powerful attacks more usable throughout the game. Fusion doubles the number of AP generated, allowing more powerful attacks to come out more frequently. The game will also feature an elemental system similar to Pokémon but with some twists. Rather than dealing additional damage, exploiting enemy weaknesses will grant the attacker a buff based on the elements involved. Likewise, using an ineffective attack against an enemy will give the defender a buff. Certain attacks being used against certain types will also cause them to change type entirely, like Fire-type attacks melting Plastic monsters into Poison-types.

Cassette Beasts has been confirmed for PC and Linux, but no release date has yet been announced. Final plans for the game include six companions with their own storylines, a full character creator, and local co-op.




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