Cassette Beasts

A monster-battling game set on the island of New Wirral, where people use cassettes to transform into monsters.

Raw Fury
Bytten Studio
Raw Fury
Bytten Studio

Cassette Beasts Review

Cassette Beasts evokes memories of 1990s Pokémon titles, with a slight twist in the battle system. Though the game has some slight missteps, it’s generally an very enjoyable addition to the monster-collecting genre.

Game Content

Cassette Beasts Multiplayer Update Announced

Raw Fury and Bytten Studio had multiple reveals for monster-battling RPG Cassette Beasts. In addition to an online multiplayer update, the game is also getting a collaboration and mobile release.

Cassette Beasts Receives New Trailer

Raw Fury released a new trailer for Bytten Studio’s Cassette Beasts. The monster-collecting RPG sees players recording monsters on cassettes in order to play them back in battle.

Cassette Beasts Fuses New Trailer

Bytten Studio provided a new trailer for monster-battling RPG Cassette Beasts. The video shows the game’s fusion system, where the player character and their companion combine their summoned forms.

Cassette Beasts Gets Cosy Trailer

Raw Fury and Bytten Studios released a cosy new trailer for Cassette Beasts. It is coming to PC and selected consoles, though a release window has not been revealed.

Cassette Beasts Announced

A new entrant in the monster-battling genre is looking to enter the ring. Cassette Beasts wants to mix it up in more ways than one.