Wintermoor Tactics Club Launching for PC in May

Publisher Versus Evil and developer EVC have revealed that the PC version of Wintermoor Tactics Club will launch early next month. The game will be available through Steam on May 5, 2020. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are planned for release later this year.

Wintermoor Tactics Club follows Alicia, a student at the prestigious Wintermoor Academy and member of its small, tabletop game-playing Tactics Club. The club becomes involved in a mandatory snowball fight tournament started by Principal Enright in order to find the “Ultimate Club”, with players tasked with leading the Tactics Club to victory. Between the tactical battles, the game features visual novel sections where the club’s students go through the own tabletop campaigns. Those looking to read more about Wintermoor Tactics Club can check out Anna Marie Privitere’s impression from PAX West.




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