New World Delayed Until August

Amazon Games has announced that it will be delaying its upcoming PC-exclusive MMORPG New World until August 25, 2020. This will also move the game’s open beta until the end of July 2020. Initially planned for a release in May 2020, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has slowed development. Alongside the delay came an update on how Invasions in the game would work.

Invasions are PvE events where the forces of Corruption lay siege to a Fort that occur every four days. The Fort’s governor can select up to ten players to assist them and forty more are chosen from a pool of volunteers. The players must then repel the invading force for a set amount of time or else some of the Fort’s supplies and upgrades will be reduced and influence in the territory diminished. Regardless of the outcome, participating players will receive XP, loot, and Azoth.

Set in an alternate 1600s, New World puts players in control of colonists of Aeternum, a land filled with supernatural creatures. Players will fight against the forces of nature and each other to lay claim to the land.


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