Nocturne: Prelude Out Now on PC

Pracy Studios’ rhythm RPG Nocturne: Prelude is now available to download for free on PC. The Prelude version covers the first chapter of the full game, which is expected to launch for PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023. A launch trailer¬†for the first chapter can be viewed below.

Nocturne: Prelude is set in the pixelated afterworld realm known as Maya, following humanity’s extinction in the real world. Players take control of Karma, the first newcomer to arrive in Maya in over one thousand years. All is not well in Maya as an event known as the Blackout has caused the world to spiral into chaos.

Battles in Nocturne: Prelude see Karma face off against enemies in a rhythm battle where a waterfall of button inputs fall from the screen at the tempo of the music. Timing is key, and the game will offer multiple difficulty settings.



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