RPG Cast – Episode 533: “Oops, All Dead People”

This RPG Cast was recorded in the dark before a dead studio audience. Josh fails at Fire Emblem. Jonathan becomes a rock star. Kelley pines for Garrus. Chris gets spooked. And Anna Marie harvests squid poop. Yeah it’s a weird show.

Question of the Week
Do you play demos?

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5 Responses

  1. severinmira severinmira says:

    Don’t worry Shaymin, I got and appreciated the Futurama quote.

  2. Krull Krull says:

    QotW: I will give a demo a spin if it’s for a game that offers something unusual, like Katamari or ARMS. But I don’t necessarily seek them out – and they don’t always settle my opinion. I found the Octopath Traveler demo a turn-off, but got the game anyway and really liked it. Think the only reason I played the demo was because Squenix was also using it to get feedback, and it was far enough away that seeing where the game was going was interesting. Didn’t bother with the Dragon Quest XI S demo – just ordered the game, even though I knew progress would carry over.

  3. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    Demos? Occasionally. Mostly only in 3DS days for titles I’d never heard of but that others recommended. More recently, no. The backlog is so large, I’m not searching for new stuff, thus no need for demos.

  4. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    QOTW: I play Demos. Lots of demos. I got into the habit back in the XBox 360 days, when my income wasn’t well enough to permit me to buy every new game I wanted (being a newly wed and new to the whole living on our thing). It was kind of a compromise where even if I couldn’t own it, at least I could play a bit of it. And I guess it just became an ingrained thing, because even to this day I’ll browse the new demos page of my Switch or PS4 from time to time, and will download and play any new demo that even remotely catches my interest 😅

  5. Sometimes I do. The last one I played extensively was the second Octopath Traveler demo. I downloaded the Shining Resonance Refrain demo, but I still haven’t played that, ha.

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