Phoenix Point Rises on PC and Mac

Snapshot Games’ Phoenix Point is readying an imminent launch on PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store on December 3, 2019. To coincide with the launch, a new trailer was produced that gives a brief glimpse of what to expect in the game. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game are still set to release in 2020.

Set in the year 2047, Phoenix Point is a tactical strategy RPG where players take control of a command base in the midst of an apocalypse scenario brought about by an extraterrestrial virus discovered beneath the permafrost that rapidly mutated life on Earth into horrifying abominations. Players will have to fend off the monsters while fighting against various human factions as they vie for control of the scarce resources remaining. Gameplay is similar to the modern X-COM titles where players control a squad of soldiers in a series of turn-based scenarios. Over the course of the campaign, alien enemies are also able to mutate to counter the player’s tactics.


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