RPG Backtrack Episode 201: Return of the Dragon

In recent years the release of new entries in the Dragon Quest series hasn’t been very frequent.  Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest IX have nevertheless been around long enough to warrant a Backtrack, and here it is.

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3 Responses

  1. Sakurangel Sakurangel says:

    Oh my dragon, I’m sorry for what I’m done. But I look forward for that compile episode ( just pass me the account where to paid you for the suffering). Now about dragon quest. I never play 9 and I have to now, but 8 is a good experience even knowing, those ps2 ver. Is now incomplete with the ds3 version adding more content. And I will not going to touch the iOS or Android version XD. Good episode guys

    • Krull Krull says:

      I played DQVIII on my iPhone… and I loved it! :-p It doesn’t have the additional content of the 3DS version, but it does feature improvements on the PS2 version such as getting rid of the ridiculous wait times for alchemy. Great game, and the mobile port is one of most technically impressive software feats I’ve come across.

      That said, I specifically bought a secondhand DS last year to play DQIX…

  2. Ombres Ombres says:

    Well I have a little backlog on the backtrack, I am listening to the Starflight one, Yeah I will have to go back and finish it on the genesis! I just wanted to point out at around 1:39 there a minute of silence, but I think the music that was suppose to be there did play over you talking around 1:38.

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