Second Arc of Alchemist Trailer Released, New Info on Bases

Arc of Alchemist has received a second trailer alongside new information detailing its base-building facet. The desert is home to many dangers in the game, so players will need to construct bases to prep for their excursions. There, players can choose from a few actions: Party Formation, Rest, Supply, Construction, and Training.

Party Formation allows for players to choose the companions they want in their party. It also enables players to change their companions’ tactics, equipment, abilities, and set items to take along for exploration. With Supply, players can purchase or sell equpiment and materials. In addition, players can exchange the materials they collect for other materials. Players can also use exchanged materials to upgrade and expand their base facilities.

Construction lets players build facilities for their base. These facilities, which can be placed freely, will help the base grow larger. There are various benefits to building facilities, such as enriched goods and increased maximum strengthening values. Finally, Training will let players strengthen their characters’ stats and abilities.

Arc of Alchemist is slated for a release in Japan on February 7, 2019, and in North America and Europe in summer of 2019 for the PlayStation 4.




Source: Gematsu

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