Shadows: Awakening Gets DLC

Kalypso Media and Games Farm are preparing to release the first set of downloadable content for Shadows: Awakening, titled The Chromaton Chronicles. In this DLC, players will be able to explore a new dungeon called the Tholean Arcanum, which is an area filled with puzzles and quests. There will also be an new puppet for players to assemble and fight alongside, the Chromaton Golem. Players will have the choice to start a new game with this golem’s soul in hand, or add the soul to your existing companion list.

Shadows: Awakening: The Chromaton Chronicles is currently available for download on PC at the Kalypso shop, with versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arriving at a later date. The base game is needed to play the DLC, which is available on all platforms previously mentioned in North America and Europe.


Source: Kalypso Site

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    This is a fun game for those who like Diablo with some different mechanics.

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