Prevent Ragnarok in Upcoming Norse-Themed Fimbul

Wild River Games, the games publishing branch of EuroVideo Medien, has posted a release date announcement trailer for Zaxis Games’ upcoming hack ‘n’ slasher, Fimbul. Players take on the role of Kveldulver, an old berserker who perished during a raid on his village but has been resurrected by the Norns, the Nordic sisters of fate. Now, it is Kveldulver’s task to travel to Jötunheim to retrieve an ancient artifact that just might have the power to quell the cold and cruel Fimbulwinter and prevent the end of the world. The old viking has also been imbued with the power of the Lifestring, an ability that allows him to travel to earlier points of the story and affect all-new outcomes, promising some flexibility in how the narrative unfolds.

Fimbul has been confirmed to head to PlayStation 4 and PC, via Steam, when it releases on November 29, 2018. Furthermore, a tentative date of 2019 has been targeted for a Switch release.



Pascal Tekaia

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