ReEvolve E3 Impression

I sat down with an iPad to play an upcoming MMORPG called ReEvolve.  My iPad has become something of a third (or perhaps fourth if you count the Switch) mobile gaming device for me, with numerous solid RPGs I played on it last year including EGGLIA: Legend of the Redcap and Final Fantasy Dimensions II — however, both of those were offline titles, and I’m really interested in seeing where companies take online gaming with the platform.

I was launched into the world deep into the wilds in the middle of a quest.  The world was rich with things to do — I could absorb or harvest the essence from many things around me!  This included small items like food and plants; larger items like trees and rocks; and much more.  There were also enemies to spar… and I ended up picking a fight with something a little too challenging for me and was quickly bested.  Like most MMORPGs, I hung my head and made a quick corpse run.

Back in the world of the living, I mounted up on my elk steed and trotted off to my quest objective, quickly defeating the needed enemies – mounted combat was fun!  I then switched to a different character, so I could see a larger variety of mounts; it sounds like nearly every enemy in the game can be captured and used as either a pet or a mount, which is great for those who like to collect.


The developers also showed me a very advanced character, who was deep into the late game, and had developed their own clan base.  As a persistent online world, players can build within a shared online world, which means their structures can be attacked (within a certain set of rules).  However, there are also special clan areas, which can never be attacked.  Clans can work together to build up these special clan zones with very useful items, such as totems and crafting stations, safely away from the shared world.

I think the thing that really struck me about the game is the great amount of potential that it holds.  It’s hard to tell how it will truly play until it’s populated with lots of players, competing for resources and space and knocking each other’s structures down, but I am looking forward to trying out the game when it does go live.


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