BattleTech Update Provides More Options for Players

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes have released the 1.1 update for tactical RPG BattleTech. The full list of changes can be found here and also includes numerous bug fixes and minor adjustments, but the highlighted new additions to the game include:

  • Customisation of all non-Ronin MechWarriors in the player’s mercenary company
  • Detailed difficulty options available to change at any time:
    – Lethality
    – ‘Mech destruction upon certain conditions
    – No rare salvage
    – Experience rewards
    – Advanced MechWarriors appearance rate
    – Enemy strength in procedural contracts
    – Contract payments
    – Salvage rates
  • New custom campaign mode, with additional optional settings at startup:
    – Ironman Mode
    – ‘Mechs completed from parts start out unequipped
    – Increase parts needed to assemble a new ‘Mech
  • Accelerated actions
  • New generated events

BattleTech is a video game adaptation of the tabletop mech wargame, thrusting players into the middle of a familial conflict for control of their noble house. The game is available now PC and Mac.


Alex Fuller

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  1. 7thCircle 7thCircle says:

    “Accelerated actions” is a big one. The game’s slowness was my main issue with it, and largely why I burned out by the end. I read online afterward that it was a common complaint that the game pauses for no reason whatsoever, and that it would be addressed in a patch later along with adding the ability to speed up animations. It’s not helping the mindset that WPRGs shouldn’t be played until the first major patch is out.

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