Open-World RPG Winterfall Announced

Clan Latria has a new trailer for its upcoming RPG, Winterfall. Set in an open world inspired by Corisca, Winterfall presents players with an open world where they will make their own character who is charged with saving their bloodline from an encroaching ice that may doom them all.

Play will be divided between building a Sanctuary and exploring the open wilderness. When building a Sanctuary, players will have three different cultures to choose from, each with a different play style and a unique history to discover. Players will be able to make numerous characters who can excel in a wide variety of skills, many of them nonviolent, and develop them during these gameplay segments. Violence will be available in some capacity, but murder will have consequences throughout the rest of the game. Exploration will allow players to explore the open world from a third person perspective, gathering artefacts, supplies, and discovering secrets hidden throughout the island.

Winterfall is set to arrive on PC during the first quarter of 2019.


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