Level-5 Provides Some Inazuma Eleven Ares Details

Japanese developer Level-5 has revealed new details and screenshots for its upcoming football (soccer) RPG Inazuma Eleven Ares. The game is set in an alternate world to the main series, taking place shortly after the events of the first game with the events of the second game not occurring.

Following Raimon Academy’s victory in the Football Frontier tournament, the sport has gained in popularity, resulting in a new system where all clubs (including school ones like Raimon) are sponsored by companies. Those without sponsors are forced to disband, a danger that looks set to befall the club on the isolated Inakuni Island. Inazuma Eleven Ares follows three protagonists, the first joining Raimon from Inakuni Island as Raimon ends up merging with the island’s club, with the other two being members of rival schools.

The general gameplay follows the same structure as the main series, with the game split between sections where players wander the town, conversing with others and viewing event scenes, and those of actual football, where players unleash special skills to get past or stop opponents and score goals.

Inazuma Eleven Ares is set to be released for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan in summer 2018, with a mobile version also coming to iOS and Android. No announcement has been made regarding a western release: all three games of the original trilogy and the first two games of the sequel Go trilogy were released in Europe (first two for Nintendo DS, all others for Nintendo 3DS), with only the first game released in North America for Nintendo 3DS.



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